Culture is a significant and important element in a healthy and productive environment.  While other companies focus solely on numbers, CSR Real Estate Services believes that the camaraderie and team spirit amongst agents and being surrounded by excellence is a road map to success.  Excellence attracts excellence. The advantage of truly liking and respecting the people you work with is an undervalued component to achievement in an industry as challenging and sometimes stressful as real estate. 

Training plays a fundamental role in the culture at CSR Real Estate Services.  Real Estate is a profession where expertise is always evolving.  Through veteran leadership and guest authorities on current and relevant industry topics, CSR Real Estate Services develops agents that are skilled at serving client expectations through “real world” understanding and knowledge.

Although the independent nature of an agent’s life is honored and respected, the opportunity to be accountable not only to a team, but to personal goals is an often overlooked approach to realizing victory. Accountability is something that most professionals need and actually want, but find it hard to admit.  CSR Real Estate Services provides an environment where accountability becomes a daily habit.  

Without leadership there is no culture.  As the Vice President of Operations for CSR Real Estate Services, Terry Meyer provides the style of leadership that supports, mentors and empowers his agents.  Always available to listen and solve problems, Terry believes that his role is not just about increasing business, but enhancing life