About CSR

With an unyielding dedication to exceeding client expectations and a genuine love for real estate, CSR Real Estate Services distinguishes itself in the real estate industry every day with their company culture and philosophy. The team at CSR Real Estate Services starts each day with a singular vision: creating an atmosphere of quality and care for clients.

Morale and teamwork plays a huge part in the success of any business. Guided by a set of values including integrity, professionalism, and competency, CSR Real Estate Services strives to build an office environment that serves as a strong foundation to our agents. Our agents spirit and willingness to help each other is a testament to the camaraderie, and is an overwhelmingly positive influence in our office. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and satisfying experience for our clientele.

CSR Real Estate Services was founded in 2007 by Steve and Brian Bonafede, and Tony Odom, who is also a managing partner in addition to his role as the CEO of the commercial department. Terry Meyer, an original founder of Intero Real Estate Services, joins CSR Real Estate Services as VP of Operations in 2012. CSR Real Estate Services is independently owned and operated.

As of October 8, 2012, we have moved into our permanent location:

5330 Camden Ave.
San Jose, CA 95124